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Boris Jordan

Boris Jordan, Founder.

Founder of the Company (1998).

Mr. Jordan is a strategic leader of the company. His area of responsibility covers general management and asset management issues of the Group where he is supported by his management team.
At the age of 26, Boris became the youngest Vice President of GPA Capital where he started his career in 1989.
In 1992, Boris joined Credit Suisse First Boston in London as Managing Director of the Investment Bank. Then he was reallocated to Moscow to carry on his career and lead the Russian division of the Bank.
In May, 1995 Mr. Jordan founded and headed the Renaissance Capital Bank and launched International Investment Sputnik Group in 1998. Boris Jordan was CEO of NTV, Gazprom-Media from 2001 to February, 2003.

In September 2006, Boris made a decision to personally lead the Renaissance Insurance Group that became a key investment focus for the Sputnik Group in Russia.
In 1999, Boris Jordan established a charity foundation to support cadet schools in Russia.

Mr. Jordan is awarded with Order of Saint Vladimir of III degree (2002) and Order of Seraphim Sarovski of III degree (2006) for his contribution in the development of Russian national cadet schools and cultural development of young generation; Medal “In Commemoration of the 300th Anniversary of Saint Petersburg” (2003), Gold Medal “For Contribution to Heritage of People of Russia” (2003), National Award “The Kremlin Grandee” for “Personal Contribution in the Development of Cadet Schools in Russia (2007).
Boris Jordan is also awarded with regional and public orders and medals.

Mr. Boris Jordan received his BA of Russian – American Economic Relations from New York University.

Mr. Jordan is married. He is father of a daughter and four sons.